Something Else, Delightfully Irreverent.

Pret à Manger, London, 28/04/14.

Item. 1 pain au chocolat &

1 regular black americano, please.

I’ll pay by card

and watch the double deckers float by–

red, black and

red again

reading again

in London

I don’t mind the gap

I don’t mind the signs

the idiosyncrasies

of British culture:

Keep Off The Grass

No Cycles, Dogs, Radios, or Picnics

sometimes I just wanna bring a

Boombox, a Baskerville, a Bike and a

Picnic Basket into that courtyard and a

little bit of democracy

gorge myself on strawberries with cream and


A Toast:

to Tradition!

to Walking Through the Middle Gate!

to Thirds!

to the Aristocracy!

This is my garden party

This is my life.

A wise man once told me that

Life is messy, art is neat.

Call it what you will





or something else

Delightfully Irreverent.


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