I have travelled to the undiscovered country and,

in discovering it,

lost myself.

I place my bags on the hardwood and

look up at the sky

through the windowpane.

The clouds shift,

the moon waits for the sun above the water.

I am barefoot on this dock.

I am standing on the edge of time,

before an endlessly receding evergreen forest.

Home lights up.

Darkness descends upon the water;

the canoe is out.

God’s tongue licks the mouth of the lake:

birds’ wings.


Clouds gather–

the past flickers and goes out.

The vibrancy,

the redness,

the taste of champagne

in the rain and

late-night laughter,

dripping and poignant.


The whiteness of the lily glows in the dark.


We lit candles.

We lit candles and

floated them downriver.




We beat in time,


around the mouth of the lake.

Ellipses of light.


Home lights up

my body,

a point of reference

in this darkness.


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