Movements: II

What does this mean

to have a heart-strung

between two countries?

To sing a song the

young boys sing

in chapel choir,

breaking harmony

into stained glass?


I hang these fragments and

a trace of your smile

above my kitchen sink:


Sunflowers tilting,

wilting, into the bowl.


Stargazing on this hill.


Nighttime again.


Just because you can see the light

doesn’t mean it’s real.


We undress the moon with our eyes

as we walk over the bridge

and I think


I should not think


But do

you tell me to

let go of my hand


So God comes

in all his splendour,

though he comes in the form of

a pine tree.


Look at how beautiful

that pine tree is

you say

touching my arm,

the way that mountain curves

around this lake.


She is clothed with strength

and dignity

and she laughs

without fear of the future.


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